Colorado Venture Consulting LLC is a dedicated business setup company in Denver, Colorado. Ever since our inception, we have built a dedicated team of experienced business setup consultants who provide valuable market insights and end-to-end business setup.

We pride ourselves in providing fast and convenient solutions for business setup all over the world. Consult with our team today and we will gladly share our knowledge and walk you through the entire process and requirements.

About Us

Colorado Venture Consulting LLC was established in 2015 and continued to expand rapidly attracting attorneys with significant prior practice experience in the United States and abroad, who joined staff Colorado Venture Consulting LLC, to have the opportunity to apply their talents to important and complex challenges.

Our firm was devised to work as a single association of professionals, united by strong values, which include a deep commitment to quality, and to achieve a positive impact on the client through our serious work and the responsible way in which we manage our firm. We take a consistent approach to recruiting and developing skills no matter where our people are located, so that we can quickly deliver the right team, with the right experience and knowledge, to every client, anywhere in the world. A team of highly experienced attorneys who can help clients, both corporate and private, with the nuances of local business and the rigors of international trade.


Our clients' needs are constantly changing, so we continually look for new and better ways to serve them. For this reason, at Colorado Venture Consulting LLC we incorporate new talents to the firm, through our specialized event management department, acquiring new capabilities of international stature. Based in Denver, Colorado, our attorneys specialize in services for corporate, commercial, and private clients and can handle the most complex and challenging business transactions. We serve clients at all levels, whether as trusted advisers to top management or as practical advisers to front-line employees. We partner with clients to implement recommendations and work directly with them over the long term, to help develop workforce skills, drive operational improvement, and apply new work methods. No matter the challenge, we focus on delivering long-lasting, practical results and equipping our clients to grow and lead. We offer the following services within the scope of international investment consulting:

• Country and Sector research about overseas/cross border Investment.
• Creating a commercial agency.
• Investments including taxation/fees.
• Corporate mergers, acquisitions, sales and restructuring.
• Designing and implementing international company and holding infrastructures.
• Forming and implementing international financing and royalty infrastructures.


We specialize the following services in the field of international investment consulting.

Investment Management

A future is approaching in which more people have access to opportunities to obtain wealth: it is the objective of human capitalism. Whether it's a job in private, mutual equity, hedge funds, our Investment Management staff can help you turn challenges into opportunities in a changing market.

As investment managers continue to do business in a complex marketplace and navigate an ever-changing global landscape, Colorado Venture Consulting's investment management services can help you meet challenges and seize opportunities. We provide specialized knowledge and new criteria on the wide range of operational, technological and regulatory issues that surround today's industry.

Transportation, Hospitality & Services

The travel and tourism industry has never faced a shock as swift and destructive as the coronavirus pandemic. But things are starting to look up for the lodging services industry, following the devastation caused by the COVID-19 and the heavy impact on the sector. In April, hotel occupancy rebounded to about 45 percent from pre-COVID-19 levels, although room rates remain low. Many brands have also recovered their pre-pandemic market capitalization from the lowest point of the pandemic when they were trading at about half their pre-crisis values. What could happen next? Leisure travel is expected to drive recovery, primarily in outdoor, nature-focused and beach destinations. Revenue per available room will not return to pre-pandemic levels until 2023, due to the slower recovery in corporate travel. Meanwhile, priorities that industry leaders are beginning to reexamine include resources being channeled to emerging demand sources, terms and conditions of secondary market contracts, and investment trust business models real estate in relation to hotels, and merge all these factors, heading towards a recovery with greater rigor than other economic sectors, crafting the right strategy now, will enable companies to emerge stronger than ever.

Real Estate

How to orient your company towards the future of human capitalism? From accounting to filing, at Colorado Venture Consulting we customize our services to meet the specific regional, national and global needs of a wide range of clients interested in the real estate field, identifying and performing asset valuations related to tangible and intangible real estate, such as outstanding leases, above and below market leases, and vocational memberships. The Colorado venture Consulting team helps clients achieve successful results and enhance their business value, using emerging technology and analytics to produce deeper and more transformative insights in areas such as valuation, diligence, and portfolio optimization. Our real estate consulting practice helps companies turn critical and complex issues into opportunities for knowledge and long-term benefits. With a deep understanding of asset valuation, capital markets and the changing issues in today's real estate market, we offer clients innovative ideas on how to improve their bottom line and stay ahead of key issues.

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